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Cosmetic Gynecology/Vulvo-Vaginal Reconstruction

MonaLisa Touch™

MonaLisa Touch™ is a revolutionary laser treatment for menopausal genito-urinary syndrome; like vaginal atrophy or dryness, painful intercourse, irritation, burning, or laxity.


monalisa touch logoThis minimally invasive laser treatment was just recently approved by the FDA.  The procedure is done in the office with minimal to no anesthesia.  The laser uses a special CO2 designed specifically for the vaginal tissue.  The laser stimulates the mucosal cells inside the vaginal walls to produce collagen and mucus production, improving the health of the vaginal tissue.

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PRP, O-Shot for Urinary Issues

The O-Shot uses PRP to revitalize the tissue inside the vagina which results in generation of new blood vessels and new nervous tissue and rejuvenates the vagina.  Many women who have gotten the O-Shot for enhanced sexual function have reported about an 80 – 90% improvement in urinary incontinence.  Many women are now requesting this therapy as a primary treatment for urinary difficulties and finding success with this treatment.o-shot results


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from a tube of blood which is drawn from you in the same manner we draw blood for any lab test.  We then process your blood to separate the red blood cells from the plasma portion of blood.  The plasma contains all of the platelets which act like little repair factories and have the potential to restore any tissue in the body that is damaged.  Think of the last time you had a cut or a scrape – your platelets formed a scab then instructed the body to regrow muscle, skin, nerve tissue, etc.


A full evaluation with your provider will help identify the causes of urinary incontinence.  Some cases of urinary incontinence are treated with medications.  Some people require surgical treatment.  We will discuss these options with you and help you determine which is the best treatment for you.



Some women are requesting procedures to reduce or change the shape of their labia minora (inner lips) for a variety of reasons.  For some women, the lips are noticeably different sizes, for others there are functional concerns like discomfort or hygiene issues.  We will discuss these issues with sensitivity and decide on a treatment plan together.


Symptoms associated with enlarged labia can include:

  • Discomfort/pulling pain during intercourse
  • Discomfort/pulling pain during certain activities or exercises
  • Discomfort while sitting
  • Discomfort while wearing certain clothes, jeans, swim suit
  • Urine stream is deflected
  • Self conscious about the appearance
  • Hygiene issues
  • Pain or difficulty while inserting tampons

Perineoplasty or Perineorraphy

This procedure restores the opening to the vagina after child birth causes stretching or tearing of the tissue.  Often, the muscle under the skin gets torn from its attachment point leaving the vagina somewhat gaping open.  This procedure repairs the muscle and tightens the vaginal opening.


Anterior/Posterior Repair

These two procedures correct herniation of the bladder or the rectum into the vagina, respectively.  Many factors can cause weakness of cystocelethe support tissue inside the vagina including heavy lifting, chronic coughing, child birth, and aging.  Patients will sometimes report feeling a bulge inside the vagina, have difficulty with urination or bowel movements, or have trouble inserting or keeping a tampon inside.


These procedures are performed with an anesthesiologist in an out-patient surgery center.  You will need to abstain from strenuous activity for 6-8 weeks while your body heals from this procedure.


We will discuss alternatives to major surgery during your consultation visit.




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